Free Press Publications is an independent alternative media and publishing company, founded in June 2009, with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” and is committed to spreading the message of peace, freedom, love and liberty.
FPP also gives new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material.
FPP brings you daily news and commentary on the website, as well as a daily five minute newscast FPPradioNews; and news, views, and commentary in Peace, Love, Liberty Radio (recorded live several times a week) & the weekly FPP Freedom Minute, the monthly newspaper FPPNews and books.
FPP welcomes any author committed to message of Peace, Freedom, Love and Liberty. If interested in writing for FPP please contact Darryl W. Perry at

Owner/Managing Editor
Darryl W. Perry
Angela Aronoff
Jim Babka
Richard Winger
Brian Sovryn





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  1. Thanks for Decent prices and support for the liberty community. I plan on making a monthly purchase for the forseeable future. I hope it helps.