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A Tale of Two Conventions — 1 Comment

  1. There's quite a few problems when you replace reality with “virtual reality”. In the early 2000's it became common for people in Corporate America to “work remote” i.e. work from home. The problem with it was that no work got done. In person meetings have many benefits over technological driven tools such as Video Conferenceing, and even “tele-conferencing”.
    A typical teleconference today with 3 or more people will feature participants talking over each other, long hesitations in the coversation (due to cell phone technology) and general craziness. These tech tools also drive passivity which is not good for any third political party.
    However, one needs to weigh one against the other and when on a limited or zero budget, even using Facebook (tool of the Police State) on the DARPA created and monitored internet can be favorable to some in the long run. However, what you're describing in your article is pretty typical when one “Rules By Consensus” or “Rules By Committee”.