“Drugs minus two” is not good enough

President Obama recently made headlines for commuting the sentences of 46 federal drug offenders. That represents less than one half of one percent of the total number of drug offenders in federal prison. During the ceremony Obama said, “in some cases, the punishment required by law far exceeded the offense.” Continue reading

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The Only New Motorola Smartphone You Can Trust…

By Dr. Brian Sovryn The big announcement hit this July of 2015…three new phones from Motorola! While at the Dark Android Project we have a very short list of acceptable Android devices to use–and generally, we don’t even talk about or recommend smartphones due to their inclusion of security vulnerabilities commonly known as SIM cards–every once in a while I like to talk about a piece of hardware that might be “slightly more safe” for you to get your hands on if you are concerned about privacy and security.
And let’s get this right out of the way, the new Moto X Style Pure (or …read more

Source:: https://zomiaofflinegames.com/the-only-new-motorola-smartphone-you-can-trust/

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“He Probably Has AIDS, the F****t!” Cops Yell Anti-Gay Slurs as they Brutally Beat Innocent Gay Man

By Matt Agorist Staten Island, NY — Louis Falcone was lying in bed on the night of June 19, when four NYPD cops showed up to his front door, pulled him outside and began beating him.
The incident was over an alleged noise complaint. According to Falcone, his brother showed up at 4:30 in the morning “obnoxiously drunk,” and the pair got into a heated argument.
“We had words,” Falcone said. “I was yelling at him; he was yelling at me.”
However, the argument quickly ended, his brother left, and Falcone was attempting to go back to sleep when the four public servants showed up to …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/he-aids-ft-cops-yell-anti-gay-slurs-brutally-beat-innocent-gay-man/

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Despite Fellow Cops Lying to Cover it Up, Cop Finally Found Guilty for Beating Cuffed Man on Video

By Mike Sawyer Huntsville, AL — Four years ago, Huntsville police officer Brett Russell pulled suspect Gary Wayne Hopkins from the back of a police cruiser and proceeded to violently attack him as fellow officers held him down. Despite the assault being captured on video, it took nearly four years for Russell to finally be found guilty. This delay was a function of the blue code of silence.
On Thursday, Russell was found guilty by a jury for violating Hopkin’s civil rights by beating him in custody and of obstructing justice by trying to cover it up.
During the dramatic trial, two witnesses admitted to …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/fellow-cops-lying-cover-up-cop-finally-guilty-beating-cuffed-man-video/

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Kentucky Likely to Have Three Candidates on November 2015 Ballot for Governor

By Richard Winger This news story says Drew Curtis, an independent running for Governor of Kentucky in the November 3, 2015 election, already has 6,000 signatures. The deadline is August 11. He needs 5,000 and says he expects to have at least 8,500 by the deadline.
Another independent candidate, who changed his name to Gatewood Galbraith, only as 2,000 signatures so far.
The only ballot-qualified parties in Kentucky are the Democratic and Republican Parties. The only other ballot-qualified parties Kentucky has had in the last 90 years have been the American Party 1968-1972, the Anderson Coalition Party 1980-1984, and the Reform Party …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2015/07/31/kentucky-likely-to-have-three-candidates-on-november-2015-ballot-for-governor/

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Independent Voters Network Carries Article Advocating Change to California Top-Two System

By Richard Winger The Independent Voters Network, which was created by proponents of the top-two system, has this article by me on how the California top-two system injures voter choice in November, and how it could be altered to restore voter choice in November without reducing voter choice in the primary. …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2015/07/31/independent-voters-network-carries-article-advocating-change-to-california-top-two-system/

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Presidential Candidate Introduces Read the Bills Act

By DownsizeDC.org Which Presidential Candidate introduced the Read the Bills Act? #tlot Retweet
Senator (and Presidential candidate) Rand Paul has re-introduced… “The Read the Bills Act” (RTBA)Remember…
Downsize DC’s “Read the Bills Act” would force Congress to read every word of every bill they want to impose on you.
Even more challenging, bills would be read aloud, and at least half of the members would have to sit through the reading.
And if they don’t, the legislation would be considered null and void in court.
This is the bill, from our Downsize DC Agenda, that we consider the most important.
Rand Paul has continued to keep his promise. …read more

Source:: https://downsizedc.org/blog/presidential-candidate-introduces-read-the-bills-act

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Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore Declares for the Republican Presidential Nomination

By Richard Winger On July 29, former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore declared his intent to seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. It will be interesting to see if he is permitted into the August 6 “second-tier” Fox News debate. Earlier today Fox waived the requirement that the 2nd-tier debaters receive any particular poll showing. But Fox said candidates must have been included in polls.
Gilmore has been included in a few polls, but not most of them.
If Fox News admits Gilmore into the 2nd-tier debate, but continues to deny Mark Everson entry into that debate, Everson will have a strong legal …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2015/07/29/former-virginia-governor-jim-gilmore-declares-for-the-republican-presidential-nomination/

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US News & World Report Says Fox Debate Might Have Eleven Candidates

By Richard Winger This U.S. News and World Report story says Fox News may permit eleven candidates to participate in its August 6 evening debate, because there is a tie for tenth place. …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2015/07/29/us-news-world-report-says-fox-debate-might-have-eleven-candidates/

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UK Maniac with Huge Knife: Why Can’t Cops in the US Be this Brave?

By Matt Agorist In the United States police kill people on average, every 8 hours. Very few of these deaths are ever ruled unjustified, even when police are caught on video killing unarmed people who pose absolutely no threat.
The escalation of deadly force by American police is unprecedented when compared to the rest of the first world.
So far this month, American police have killed 113 people.
By contrast, China, whose population is 4 and 1/2 times the size of the United States, recorded 12 killings by law enforcement officers in all of 2014.
More people were killed by American police in just the …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/body-cam-uk-cops-stopping-man-knife-exposes-tragically-dangerous-nature-cops/

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Judge Who Took Kids from Off-Grid Family, Same Judge who Killed his Own Son and Wasn’t Arrested

By Justin Gardner Hot Springs, Ark — On Monday, we reported on the tragic case of 18-month-old Thomas Naramore, who died after being left in a hot vehicle for four hours. The father, Wade Naramore, is a Garland County circuit court judge and has not been arrested despite the fact that he admitted to leaving his son in the car.
The lack of an arrest, coupled with the fact that other people have been immediately arrested in similar situations, raises suspicions that Naramore is being treated favorably because of his status as a judge.
In another twist to this story, Naramore is the same judge …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/circuit-court-judge-left-son-car-die-remains-free/

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Politicians want to block your use of encryption.

By DownsizeDC.org #CISA: Will you let them get away with it? #tlot Retweet
Congress is trying to block your use of encryption. They say they’re doing it for public safety. Maybe we should hand them our keys too, perhaps give them all of our credit card numbers.
In the meantime, I took the following, two simple actions. I invite you to do likewise.I wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to veto the CISA “cybersecurity” (illegal spying) bill.
You can read the letter on our blog.
You can copy-and-paste or edit that letter, or write you own letter to the President …read more

Source:: https://downsizedc.org/blog/politicians-want-to-block-your-use-of-encryption

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Turn Off Your Smartphone!

By Dr. Brian Sovryn One of the side benefits of having a Dark Android-based device, particularly if you’re just using a tablet, is you don’t have an “always on” internet connection. Of course, having a persistent data connection isn’t inherently a bad thing. If we lived in a world–or even just a village–that had open WiFi (no passwords or gateways) everywhere, or if we didn’t live in a “Surveillance Society”, I think persistent data connections would be fine things.
But we don’t live in that world.
We live in a world that–to go cliche–makes “1984” look like a prequel to modern society. Everything we do is …read more

Source:: https://zomiaofflinegames.com/turn-off-your-smartphone/

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Tulsa World Applauds Democratic Party of Oklahoma for Letting Independents Vote in its Primaries

By Richard Winger The Tulsa World, in this editorial, congratulates the Oklahoma Democratic Party for letting independents vote in its future primaries. …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2015/07/28/tulsa-world-applauds-democratic-party-of-oklahoma-for-letting-independents-vote-in-its-primaries/

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